PUP @ House of Targ


some photos from the other night when i conquered a sinus infection and went to ottawa to see pup play at house of targ and then everyone got served hot dogs mid-set and we all had a good time and then it took us a thousand hours to get home the next day because the highway was closed.

full set

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PUP @ Fest


I spent a couple days with PUP crisscrossing Florida in the most redundant way back in October. Here’s some photos from Fest/Halloween which explains the food costumes kind of?

There’s a full set of photos up on Flickr

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NXNE 2014


NXNE was forever ago, but here’s some photos of Greys, Pissed Jeans and METZ that I shot unofficially during the week. The full set of photos is over on my Flickr.


greys-6 greys-7 greys-8 pissedjeans-1 pissedjeans-2 pissedjeans-6 pissedjeans-7 metz-9 metz-11 metz-12 metz-16

Teenage Kicks @ the Shoe


I’ve been toying with the idea of shooting shows on 35mm for a while, and last night I finally gave it a shot at Teenage Kicks album release show at the Horseshoe Tavern. The bouncer that was not Tyrone (anyone know his name??) laughed at me when he saw what I was shooting on, but this handful turned out alright.

Canon AE-1 Program
Ilford 400

TKfilm-1 TKfilm-2 TKfilm-3 TKfilm-4 TKfilm-5 TKfilm-6 TKfilm-7 TKfilm-8

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