Long Winter


Photos of Cancer Bats, Greys and Fucked Up at last nights installment of the Long Winter. Full set of photos are over here on my Flickr.

img-5 img-7 img-8 img-10 img-11 img-12 img-14 img-20 img-21 img-24 fucked up-1

Mass @ the Silver Dollar


Mass played the Silver Dollar the other night and they are the first band I’ve shot of 2014.¬†Projectors are not lighting sources; here are some photos. Let’s call it adventures in low light photography.

mass-1 mass-2 mass-3 mass-4 mass-5 mass-6 mass-7

High School


Took a trip to my old high school earlier this week. Once it stopped being terrifying, I just felt overwhelmingly nostalgic.

These were all shot at night – 30 second exposures will do fun things to dark rooms with windows.

redmond-1 redmond-2 redmond-3 redmond-4 redmond-5 redmond-6 redmond-7 redmond-8 redmond-10 redmond-12 redmond-13 redmond-14



If you missed the PKEW PKEW PKEW album release show at the Dollar the other night, you’re an idiot, though you probably spent your Friday far less beer soaked and blood covered than I did.

Here’s a bunch of photos of people crowdsurfing that night. The full set is over on my Flickr. Congrats to the dudes in the band for an awesome show and an even better album.


disposablePKEW-3disposablePKEW-9 disposablePKEW-10 disposablePKEW-12 disposablePKEW-17 disposablePKEW-18 disposablePKEW-19 disposablePKEW-21 PKEW-1

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